Scottish UFO sightings

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For its size Scotland has had a remarkable percentage of sightings over the years, not only in individual reports, but also in concentrated clusters.

One such 'hot spot' was Bonnybridge in Central Scotland, this area is reputed to have had in excess of 2,000 visitations, starting around 1992.

In addition to the usual reports of anomalous objects observed near industrial complexes, oil refineries, and Nuclear establishments, there has also been some outstanding close encounters that are worthy of inclusion in the Scottish section.

While many regard the famous Kenneth Arnold USA 1947 sighting as the start of modern ufology (see classic sightings) We in Scotland also have had UFO reports and photographs from around this time.

Photo Taken in Grangemouth Scotland in 1991 by Phil Trevis

showing the underside of a UFO (See report below)

1991 Grangemouth, Scotland

1991 Grangemouth, Scotland-It was on 12th November 1991, at around 9.30pm, that friends Phil Trevis and Paul Penman (pseudonym) were out taking photographs for a project called 'Light and Dark'.

The following is the written testimony by Phil Trevis,"My friend and I were taking photographs of the BP chemicals plant in Grangemouth (from Polmont Reservoir) when we noticed a dim, or rather, two small dim flashing lights over by the two 'flashing pylons' at Kincardine Bridge.

We watched the object, which we thought was a helicopter, fly slowly over from the bridge to above the brightly lit Grangemouth Stadium. We watched it hover for around five minutes. It was then that we noticed that the 'craft' wasn't making any noise.

Normally, if it was a helicopter, we would have heard the blades. It then turned around and faced our direction. "It was roughly 2,000 feet above the ground, then it dipped and increased dramatically in speed. At the point of the photograph, it was about 200 to 300 feet directly above us.

It was then that we heard the light 'pulsing hum' of the object. My friend and I were quite shaken at the time, but afterwards had an overwhelming sense of excitement."




See also my own sighting from Grangemouth in 1998 at personal



UFO Photo believed to have been taken in the Hebrides in 1947

Enlarged photo from the above image shows a spectacular 'flat -top' UFO

Interestingly although I do not know where this photo was taken, it shows a very similar craft as the one above



This first report below is a classic in its own right, you can not help but wonder at the impression this must have made on Mr. Cherry, a man going about his everyday occupation, and being confronted by this incredible UFO.

This report was first published in 'UFO Scotland' the author of this book Mr. Ron Halliday personally interviewed Andrew Cherry, and although the interview took place some 40 years after the sighting Mr. Halliday said Andrew Cherry "still had a good memory of it though

July 1947, Portobello, Scotland .

Andrew Cherry was a 22 year old factory worker, employed by Woods Bottle Works in the Portobello district of Edinburgh. It was 5.30 on a beautiful summer's morning in July 1947, as Mr. Cherry waited at his usual bus stop close to St John's School in Baileyfield Road.

Glancing skywards, he caught sight of a strange object, disc-shaped with what looked like a large glass dome in the style of an observation window. The UFO was hovering about 300 feet above the ground, close enough for Mr. Cherry to get a clear view of its humanoid occupant.

The 'alien' was wearing dark clothes and was sitting or standing beside a control panel of some kind. He also noted the marked metal texture of the spacecraft 'like rough diamonds', and the 'orange-yellow colour', which he thinks may have been simply a reflection of the sun's rays.

The area around the object looked hazy, possibly owing to the object's energy source. Mr. Cherry could hear a low, smooth hum, which he associated with the flames he could see escaping from the disc.

He reckoned it to be 12 to 15 feet in length, but showing tremendous power as it tilted, spun away and disappeared over the Fife coast in a matter of seconds Mr. Cherry describes his experience as 'ghostly, eerie and awesome'.

This extraordinary event made such a profound impression on Mr. Cherry that he has never forgotten what he saw.


June 1976. Loch Ard.

I had camped overnight on a hill overlooking Loch Ard which is near Aberfoyle.

I cannot recall the exact time but it might have been around 9.30a.m. As I descended to the loch at a point where there was a wide gap between the trees. When I was about ten yards down the hill I heard a sound above me which caused me to look for its origin.

Just above the trees which I would estimate at between 50-60 feet in height, I saw an object which was drab brownish gray in colour with two seamless protrusions underneath which were shaped similar to a bullet cut in half lengthwise.

I could only see the object in part but it was definitely triangular in shape and was possibly 100-120 feet in length. I was overcome with curiosity and so dropping my fishing gear I scrambled uphill with the thought that I would be certain to have a better view of it when it got to the other side of the hill.

When I reached the top I saw no trace of it. I was sure I would have seen it as it was moving very slowly at perhaps around 20 m.p.h.

There had been no downthrust from the object and it had no propellors. I though of reporting it to the police in Aberfoyle and then dismissed that notion as unwise.

I also thought that others in the area would have seen it and reported what they had seen. The next day when I was at home and listening to the BBC lunchtime news on radio, the newsreader announced that a triangular object had been sighted over England and stated there was a request from a UFO researcher for information from anyone who had seen it.

A contact telephone number was given which I instantly forgot and although thinking of telephoning the BBC for it I didn't bother.

A long time has elapsed since my sighting of this object but all of the information about it is very close to being accurate. I can provide a map of the area in question with the approximate flight path of the object indicated on it.

Google Map of area, and direction of craft

Diagram/drawing Of craft by witness





Coatbridge. Area Scotland 5 October 2009


I had a strange sighting last night at about 8.30pm.

My Daughter shouted to me from upstairs to look outside and when I did there was a red ball of fire that came from the sky,

It slowed down and turned white and then stopped .

I could see three bright white lights in the shape of a triangle. It hovered in the same position for about a minute then the first light moved across the other two lights, they all moved together in a triangle formation.

I could not see an object within the triangle just 3 bright lights that stayed in the shape of a triangle, except when the first light went from front to back

We watched it for about 4 minutes then it shot off high into the sky.

Whatever it was it was not to far away from us, a few hundred feet away? Five members of my family saw it.

Later my Daughter said that what first made her sit up was when she heard a noise behind her bed.

She said it was a clicking in an electric socket, and it was when she sat up she noticed something outside in the sky.

I asked my neighbour if he had seen anything and although he had not, he said about the same time there was a surge in his electricity.

And another neighbours light bulb exploded about the same time, I don't know if this is linked, its just strange.


Edinburgh 17th September 2009

On Thursday 17th September at approx 2205 hrs, two low flying objects passed over my house.

They came from the direction of Edinburgh Castle and headed east, across the Palace, over Royal Park Terrace, and down towards Portobello.

They both had a single reddish light at the front and moved completely silently at about the speed of a Helicopter.

Once they had passed they were quite difficult to track because they did not have lights on the side or rear.

They were solid objects perhaps the size of a fat helicopter, but definitely no wings or tail.

As it was dark I would have to guess that they were grey in colour.

A commercial aeroplane was swinging round Edinburgh to fly up the Forth and I am absolutely sure that the people on this flight must have seen the lights from these objects.

I have never witnessed anything quite like it and it was all very eerie because it was such a still clear night and these objects were so silent.


New Report of Blue Orb UFO.

Dundee. Sunday Sept. 3rd 2000 9am

I glanced out of the upstairs window.

It was a cloudy day with lots of white stratocumulus, when suddenly out of a dark thunder cloud dropped a blue sphere falling as if about to crash to earth.

At the last moment it suddenly rose up to about 300 ft, where it floated like a giant soap bubble.

It was the purest of sky blue in colour.

I watched thunderstruck as it floated north from right to left, this lasted for about 10 seconds then, like a flick of a switch, it instantly vanished.

Just as suddenly 5 seconds later it reappeared and continued to float by, but this time it had a black patch at four o'clock to six o'clock position, and floated by for another 6 seconds.

Then the black patch disappeared, and it was completely blue again for another 5 seconds, before vanishing completely.

I had seen it for less than 60 seconds.

I estimated its initial height at 1000 ft, and at a distance of 3 miles, over the Fintry estate, north of Dundee

to the east of my position.

It was about 100 ft in diameter.




1952 Glasgow, Scotland.

In 1952 Joan Torrence was leaving Elder park Primary School in Glasgow with friends. It was 4pm, the end of the school day, and a warm summer's evening lay ahead of them.

As Joan crossed the playground, a dark shadow fell across the school. The sun had disappeared from sight. She looked up as did a crowd of pupils, who seconds before had all been heading cheerfully for home. What Joan saw brought her to an abrupt halt and has been etched on her mind ever since.

About a hundred feet up, a little above the school steeple, hung a sombrero-shaped object, tilted slightly to one side.

It seemed to be rotating. Joan doesn't know how long she watched for, but she was aware that her teacher, a step behind, as well as the janitor on one side and her friend on the other, were also entranced by the mysterious object.

"Time seemed to stand still", explained Joan. The spell was broken by the sudden movement of the UFO, preceded by a distinct whining sound. It shot off, heading across Glasgow to be seen and reported by other witnesses.

Joan ran home to tell her mother what she had seen. A disbelieving parent had to eat her words when she read the reports in the following day's papers.

1983 Glasgow,Scotland

Tom Coventry is convinced that alien spaceships are indeed visiting Glasgow. His close encounter took place on the morning of 15 December 1983.

Tom left for work about 6.25am, his usual departure time, and followed his habitual route down Menock Road in the King's park district. It was a crisp, dry morning, weather which boosted Tom's spirits as he had a bus to wait for at a stop with no shelter in which to escape from any sudden downpour. As he stood wrapped in his own thoughts, his attention was caught by a distant object moving in his direction at low altitude.

At first Tom took it for an aircraft moving in a wide arc. He then noticed spurts of flame issuing from the rear and wondered if it was in some kind of trouble, but as it got close it dawned on him that this was not a plane. All around him things began to go quiet, as if he had entered another world. The object had now come right above his head and stood hovering not more than twenty feet away. It was like nothing he had seen before. 'It was coloured gray', reported Tom, 'shaped like a railway carriage, but with a curved roof'. From it there issued crackling and humming sounds - like electricity.

Being so close, Tom could easily recall afterwards the three porthole-shaped windows at the front through which he could make out an interior swirling with yellow smoke.

Slowly the object moved off towards a nearby railway bridge. There is stopped for a second, then shot skywards vertically before heading across the city.

Tom watched it disappear in the distance. According to Tom, 'One of the strangest parts was when it did start moving, noise from all around started up again. It was as if it all rushed back'. Equally strange, however, to Tom, was the fact that no one else seemed to have witnessed the incident even though a bus arrived while the object was still visible.

Passengers on this bus, believed Tom, must have had the chance to see it. Infuriating too, was the absence of the milkman who Tom always saw at that time on his rounds, except that morning! It was the only time he failed to turn up.

1992 Edinburgh, Scotland

On morning in October 1992, Pat was driving along Duddingston Park, Edinburgh, making for the local health center in Mountcastle Drive to keep an appointment.

The time was 9.50am. As she drive, Pat became aware of an extremely bright flashing light in the sky. Half a mile further on, keeping the light in view, she realised that it was getting bigger and the brightness intensifying. In fact it was drawing much closer to her and as it approached she noted that the central sphere of light had a ring or flange round it. This reminded her of pictures she had seen of the planet Saturn. At about twenty to thirty feet from the ground, the object slowed down and appeared to hover.

It was large. Very large. The length of an aircraft wingspan, according to Pat. Around the circumference, at regular intervals, were squares of light, like glowing windows. Pat had not checked her watch while this curious event unfolded, but reckons it was now around ten o'clock. She was due at the health centre at that time, and reckons that she arrived not too long after.

As she turned off the main road to carry on down a side-street to her destination, the object veered east in the opposite direction and slowly descended, seeming to land in an area of open ground called Niddrie Burn - a valley-shaped expanse of grass with a stream running through the centre. Although it is open land, the ground is, in fact, surrounded by houses and multi-storey flats which have a clear view of the valley.

Incredibly, in spite of considerable publicity over the incident, not a single person came forward to testify to having seen the object simultaneously with Pat's sighting.

1996 Edinburgh, Scotland

On August 8th 1996, Andrew McMichael of Mortonhall in Edinburgh woke up at 2.15 am.

A fox had been coming into the garden and so Andrew decided to poke his head out of the bedroom window and see if their nocturnal visitor had eaten the food left out for him. He had.

The plate was clean. As Andrew looked up he was just in time to see an object move in an undulating path across the trees and houses at the edge of Frogston Road to the south of his house. It was completely silent and had a slight round bright red emission at the centre. The UFO was oval in shape with a small dome. He estimated its size as around 30 feet long and 15 feet from top to bottom. When it first caught his attention it was hovering at around 200 feet, directly above the houses opposite.

The object moved away in 'a slightly wavy pattern' then 'rose up as if to clear a clump of trees'.

To Andrew, it seemed to change direction twice, as though searching for something, before disappearing behind some sycamores bordering farmland.

It was not the first strange incident Andrew experienced. A week earlier, on 2nd August, he woke early at around 3.15 am., Disturbed by the movement of his wife and her exclamation, 'What on earth's that....! Together they looked out of the window and were almost blinded by 'an unearthly dazzling white light' which as Andrew recalls, 'was so bright that I couldn't see anything else outside the bedroom window'. He describes a 'slightly buzzy feeling' as if static charge was present. The light moved off silently in a westerly direction.

About a month later, in casual conversation with neighbors, Andrew learned that they too had been woken by a strong white light, bright even through thick bedroom curtains. The sensation of an electrically charged atmosphere was also present.



July 6, 1997 Location Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

On Sunday 6 July 1997 at about 18:30 we were driving back from a volleyball tournament in Perth.

It was a beautiful clear summer evening, there were four of us in the car (I was sitting in the front passenger seat), and I think we had just passed Stirling when I noticed a strange object directly above the motorway in front of us.

I asked the driver if he could see it and he said he could. I then asked him if he’d ever seen anything like it and he said he hadn’t.

It was hard to tell exactly how big the craft was or how far away. My best guess is that it was a bit wider than the wingspan of a small two-seater aeroplane, and that it was flying at no more than a few hundred feet above us.

It certainly wasn’t anything like as high as a passenger jet - more like the height you see helicopters flying when you can still see the pilot inside. Because it seemed fairly close, we were able to get a very good look at the craft as we approached it and then passed underneath.

It appeared to be very flat as we couldn’t really see any height to it at all - all we ever really saw was the triangular underside of the craft. (Diagram 1 shows how the object looked as we approached it from “behind”.)

It must have been either hovering or travelling very slowly since we appeared to catch up with it and pass underneath it in much the same time as we would have if it had been standing still (we were probably travelling at about 70mph).

I remember actually asked the driver if he knew which way it was moving and he said no. (Diagram 2 shows how the object looked from directly underneath.) I remember the shape very clearly and apart from the “T-bar” at the “front”, the rest of the craft was completely uniform and triangular. The craft was totally black, there were no markings of any kind that we could make out, there appeared to be no source of propulsion, and we couldn’t hear any noise at all as we passed below (although being in the car it’s not clear whether we would have been able to hear anything anyway).

All four people in the car saw the craft, including a policeman, although the driver and I probably got the best view as we were sitting in the front. The whole sighting would have taken no more than minute or so from the moment we first saw the craft until we had driven so far past it we couldn’t really make it out anymore.

Editors note:

This type of craft has been seen many times all over the world, and there are more examples in the section Triangular craft on the main page.

Another example was this Photo taken in Glasgow.






The famous Dechmont Law incident

1979 Livingston, Scotland

Robert Taylor

On the 9th of November 1979, at around 10:00 AM, Robert Taylor, a married man, father of five, aged 61, resident of Livingston and forestry worker employed by the Livingston Development Corporation left his house. At about 10:30 AM, he parked his pick up off a track at a plantation at the bottom of Dechmont Law, bordering Dechmont Woods, just off the busy M8 motorway, near Livingston, West Lothian in Scotland.

He had parked as close as he could to the clearing in a plantation that he has to inspect for stray cows and sheep, a part of his job. With his red setter Lara, He followed a track the rest of the way across the lower slope of the forested hill, rounded a corner and emerged into the clearing.

The UFO: In the clearing, in front of him, was a large, circular, roundish object about 20 ft across and 12 feet high, resting on the ground or hovering just above the ground. It seemed to be made from a dark grey metallic material with a rough texture like sandpaper, parts of which were becoming like half transparent at times, letting the trees behind it be seen, as if the object was trying to cloak itself. A narrow protruding rim ran around the circumference of the object, just below halfway down, and Taylor thought it reminded him of the brim of a hat.

Artists impression of the craft , from sketches done by Rob Taylor

A line of rotating arms was set into the rim. Some dark patches were seen on the body of the object which looked like portholes. The object emitted no noise. Lara, his dog, who was at his side, simply froze and stared at the object, as did Bob Taylor.

As he watched without moving, two spiky spherical objects dropped from the bottom of the larger object. These two spheres were approximately two ft across and he later described them as being quite like sea mines as used in World War II, except that the spikes were longer that those of sea mines, making the objects' diameter approximately 3 ft spikes included.

The spheres were looking metallic, similar to the material of the larger object, and made frightening sucking noises as they fell from the object and impacted the wet ground. As Taylor stared in awe, the two spiky spheres rushed towards him from the direction of the object, by bouncing and rolling on the ground.

His dog now barked loudly. The two spheres arrived at him each rolling quickly at the same time to his left and right foot. The spheres' spikes extended and attached to the Bob's trousers and dragged him towards the larger sphere, tearing the tissue of his trousers up to the pockets in the process.

Taylor was now hearing a distinct hissing sound and smelling an acrid odor which made him choke. He then lost consciousness and collapsed on the round, just after hearing a loud and clear swishing sound similar to that of a cane being swung fast through the air.

Taylor regained consciousness after a while. He was lying face down on the grass, his trousers were torn, he suffered a headache and his legs were aching. He had a sore throat and a strange bitter taste in his mouth.

He realized that he could not stand up or speak. It was later estimated that he had blackened out for fifteen or twenty minutes. Nothing remained to be seen in the clearing, but his dog was running about barking wildly and he noticed that there were marks in the ground where the object had been.

Feeling weak and dizzy, and unable to get on his feet, he dragged himself to his pick up truck and started to drive away. But he was such in bad condition that at one point he drove into a ditch.

The pickup truck being stuck in the mud, he had to walk more than a mile, stumbling and falling, to reach his home in Livingston, at the edge of Dechmont Woods.

His wife saw at once that he had an accident or had been assaulted, and he confirmed both, adding that the attackers were not exactly human. She quickly phoned the doctor, the Police, and Malcolm Drummond, Bob Taylor's boss, who arrived at the house to hear his story, even though the man was dazed, had a headache and kept saying that he had been "gassed."

The doctor sent Bob Taylor to hospital, but he checked himself out later without having been examined. He suffered a headache for hours and a raging thirst which lasted for two days but recovered with no further sequels.

The Police officers treated the matter seriously. Rather than scoffing, they treating the matter as a physical assault by person or persons unknown. They went at the clearing with Malcom Drummond. Here they found Taylor's pick up truck and also ladder-shaped marks, of which Drummond noted, "marks on the ground which seemed to indicate that something had come vertically down and made impressions in the turf."

They first wondered about the resemblance to bulldozer or heavy machinery marks, but surrounding them were forty shallow holes that matched the witness's story about the bouncing spiky balls. These marks followed the path of the mine like objects.

The police fenced off the area. Photographs of the tracks were taken. They were totally baffled because the tracks were only in one grassy area. The ground in the place of incident was soft but no signs of the tracks having come from somewhere or having gone anywhere could be discovered.

There was no indication of how any vehicle that caused the tracks could have arrived in the clearing without leaving the same tracks on its entering path. They looked for local manufacturer of any object who could have been flown there. Results of this investigation were again negative.

They noted that any object in the clearing could not have been seen by other witnesses from the nearby highway because of the trees. Detective Sergeant Tan Wark, a member of the police team assigned to the case, admitted that he was highly skeptical when first sent to the scene, but on examining the forty holes and the weird caterpillar tracks he was puzzled.

He checked all the forestry equipment used in the area; none of it had tracks that matched. No evidence was found of any helicopter traffic in the region that particular day, or even the day before.

A search of the area around the clearing was made in order to see if there were signs of any mobile crane that might have been used to lower something into the ground, but nothing was found.

The marks indicated an object of several tons had stood there but no information has been gained to explain them.

To this day the police case still remains open, local authorities marked the site with a plaque, which has since been stolen, and the torn trousers are now in the BUFORA archives.