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The egg craft has been seen to fly with the long axis vertical.

Egg configurations ordinarily range in the 1 - 30 meter range and it is equipped to land with retractable landing gear.

Studies done on ground impressions left when an egg-shaped craft was seen to land revealed that it was 6 meters axial and 3 meters cross diameter. The weight of the craft was 30 tons.

The sound may be from a roar to a hum, buzz, whine or whirr at close quarters, which can rises in both pitch and intensity seconds before and during takeoff.

In flight it may have a light swish-of-air sound, or may run absolutely silent.

With few exceptions, there is no roar or boom when moving at supersonic speed. The egg-shaped craft has been witnessed in a multitude of colours. These range from rainbow, silver, white, metallic and black.

The Socorro Landing - one of the most fascinating UFO cases in history, and perhaps one of the best documented encounters ever.

This is a close encounter of the third kind that Project Blue Book classifies as "unexplained".

Socorro is a small town located about an hours drive south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Friday April 24, 1964 at Socorro, police sergeant Lonnie Zamora was on duty.

The time was approximately 5.45 p.m. and Zamora was chasing a speeding driver in a black Chevrolet, north on U.S. Highway 85.

"At this time I heard a roar and saw a flame in the sky to the southwest some distance away." It could be an explosion because it came from the direction of a local dynamite shack situated not far away.

Abandoning the car chase Sergeant Zamora immediately headed to the area to investigate what happened. Later that day, when interviewed by Arthur Byrnes, the F.B.I. Agent, Zamora said:

"It looked like a car turned upside down… standing on its radiator or trunk. Getting closer, he also spotted two figures. "I saw two people in white coveralls very close to the object. One of these persons seemed to turn and look straight at my car and seemed startled -seemed to quickly jump somewhat. I don't recall noting any particular shape or possibly any hats or headgear. These persons appeared normal in shape -but possibly they were small adults or small kids." Zamora radioed police headquarters and reported that he was going to investigate a possible car accident.

Then he proceeded up the road to a gully, being a good observation point for him. Now he was about 75-100 meters from the place that interested him. The flame and smoke coming from the object, he observed earlier, had now disappeared. He stopped the car, got out and began to approach the object. Now he realized that this was not a car he was observing... One of the figures looked towards the approaching police car and seemed to be astonished by Zamora's presence.

Suddenly he heard two or three load "thumps" resembling a door shutting hard. Another noise in form of a loud sound with a high frequency could be also heard. No smoke was seen but a blue flame turning to orange or yellow shot out from the underside of the vehicle. The beings were no longer visible. Afraid it was going to explode, Zamora ducked down over a small hill for protection, still observing the craft...

The legs he saw before were no longer visible. The craft took off from the ground and the high frequency sound suddenly stopped. The now completely silent object flew, parallel to the terrain, towards southwest, picking up speed while leaving the area. Then it disappeared...

Could this have been like the ufo Zamora saw?

This photo was taken in Cocoyoc, Mexico, November 3, 1973

(from the CIA report): The object was on girderlike legs, white.... and egg-shaped or oval. As he approached the object there were some noises and flame and smoke began to come from the bottom of the vehicle. The noise increased from low pitch to high pitch, was different from that of a jet or helo (helicopter) and not like anything Sgt. Zamora had ever heard. The flame was blue like a welders torch, turning to orange or yellow at the ends.

Thinking that the object was going to explode he became frightened… He turned, ran back to get behind the police car, bumping his leg and losing his glasses on the way. He crouched down, shielding his eyes with his arm while the noise continued for another 10 seconds. At this time the noise stopped and he looked up. The object had risen to a point about 15-20 ft. above the ground and the flame had ceased to come from the object. The object had a red marking about 1 ft. or may be 18 inches in height, shaped like a crescent with a vertical arrow and horizontal line underneath. The object hovered in this spot for several seconds and then flew off in a SW direction following the center of the gully.

It cleared the dynamite shack by not more than 3 ft. He watched the object disappear in the distance over a point on Highway 85 about 6 miles from where he was standing. The object took about 3 minutes to travel that far. Disappearance was by fading in the distance and at no time did he observe the object rise more than 20 ft. off the ground.

In his own report Sergeant Zamora wrote: "....It appeared about directly over the place where it rose from. I was still running… (then) about 50 feet from car I ducked down, just over edge of hill… I stopped because I did not hear the roar. I was scared of the roar, and I had planned to continue running down the hill.

I turned around toward the object and at the same time put my head toward ground, covering my face with my arms… When the roar stopped, heard a sharp tone whine (which) lasted maybe a second. Then there was complete silence about the object. That's when I lifted up my head and saw the object going away from me… It appeared to go in straight line and at the same height… The object seemed to lift up slowly, and to get small in the distance very fast.

It disappeared as it went over the mountain. It had no flame whatsoever as it was traveling over the ground, and no smoke or noise…"


Report 1

The following case was studied by the United States Air Force. It occurred on the evening of February 24, 1959, in Victorville, California. The intelligence officer described the principal witness as "an average young man of average intelligence...liked by his schoolmates and teachers."

From Project Blue Book

The young man's attention was first captured by a bright light shining into the interior of his darkened bedroom. It was a bright, steady light which was reflected against the wall opposite his bedroom window. He realized that it was much too intense to be the headlights of a car.

As his parents were at night school and he was in charge of the house and his younger brother, he got out of bed, dressed, and went out the front porch of the house to see where the light was coming from. Also, the family's pet dogs had by this time commenced to howl and run around as if terrified and he wanted to let them into the house. He first sighted the object in a due westerly direction, at an elevation of about 20 degrees, but at an undetermined distance.

It resembled an elongated egg about 156 feet in length (derived from the boy's statement that the object was slightly larger, top to bottom, than his hand spread (7.5 inches) at arm's length (27 inches) when at a distance of about 80 feet). The object was about twice as long as it was thick. Despite its brightness, the object had a dull red colour with purple waves coursing through its extremities.

It emitted a sound which was described as similar to the hum of a large transformer, but higher in pitch; or similar to, but vastly greater in volume from, a whip swishing through the air.

The object came toward him, its first approach lasting about 10 seconds. It flew directly toward his house, on a steadily declining altitude of approach, and passed over his front yard at an altitude of about eight to ten feet. It then veered gradually to the northeast.

Oddly enough, he could hear the object only while he could see it. Even odder, the boy was puzzled at his inability to see the object from the rear, when this should have been possible. He went back into the house to calm his younger brother and the dogs. When he went outside again, after five minutes, he observed the object due west of the house and once again approaching him. It appeared that this time the object would pass closer to the house; by now truly frightened, he went back into the house to get a gun. But as the object sped past the house he lost his opportunity to use it.

It was at this point that his younger brother saw the object through the living-room window, which was covered by a split bamboo blind. About five minutes later the boy went outside again and once more observed the object to the west of his position, but this time approaching at a high speed. He reentered the house as the object sped past. Twice more the object passed directly over the house, the last time some fifteen minutes after the first pass. By the last approach, the vibration of the object could be felt throughout the house.

In addition to the disturbance of the animals, it was reported that the radio, which had had very clear reception until then, was completed blocked by intense static. The static on the radio was not evident before 10.00 PM nor after 10.15 PM, which seems to indicate that some electrical or magnetic disturbance was present in the immediate area during that time. The witness further stated that each time the object passed overhead he could hear a very sharp cracking noise which he compared with the spark gap of an automobile spark plug, but of greater volume and intensity. He was emphatic that this noise was not that of a sonic boom, which he had heard many times previously.

When his parents arrived home at approximately 11.00 PM the incident was over; but the family pets were still whimpering and shaking and hiding under the furniture. Two neighbor's living in the area were questioned separately and admitted that at "about that time," they also experienced severe radio and television interference.

Report 2

In El Paso, Texas, a thirty-five year old border inspector observed approaching his car an egg-shaped object with a bluish glow and with a whirring sound similar to an artillery shell.

He did not see this object, however, until he got out of his car to investigate why it had stalled and why all his lights had dimmed and gone out. It was then that he noticed the "blue egg" approaching him from the southwest at a thirty degree elevation.

It passed over his car at an altitude of one hundred feet and moved off in a westerly heading, while changing in altitude at irregular intervals. After it reached the Franklin Mountains, the object lifted vertically. The observer was at this time three miles southeast of the International Airport at El Paso and the time was 7.30 PM