Cross Craft

The photographs used in the pages are for illustrative purposes

Cross shaped craft are comparatively rare,so its hard to determine the general configurations.

It size seems to vary from jet fighter size, to extremely large.

Colours reported for this craft are varied, but several have been seen to have white lights at the cross extremities and red or bright red in the center,occasionally pulsating.

On several occasions smaller craft have been seen to join and leave the main craft,with the colours of the smaller craft reported as bright orange or green.

Several reports have remarked on this crafts hovering ability in the one spot,and also its ability to 'fade' in its appearance.

Electrical disturbance has also been reported with this craft

Report 1

Small silent aircraft like object observed in rural area that did not "behave" like any known object, such as a bird or toy plane.

"During the middle of the summer, 2000, visiting father in law's farm in NW Ohio. While outside watching birds with my wife, I was scanning the sky when I noticed what I at first took to be the bird we were looking for. Then I thought it was a small plane circling high overhead. It wasn't a bird. No movement of wings, it was a distinctive plane shape, rigid. That's why I used the "cross" shape, as it's the closest description.

I took a second look because several things bothered me: the object did not appear to be that high for its size. It wasn't a private plane. I can't explain that well. It just felt wrong. It seemed too small, and I started thinking it was a remote controlled device. But it seemed too high for that. There was no one near us however, and there was no sound at all, not the sound of a plane in the distance or that distinctive whine of a remote controlled toy plane. This was a quiet summer day in the country, and the object was over a empty field. You can hear planes all the time, from jets to smaller craft. I saw a private plane fly overhead during this time, and the difference was obvious. If this is all that happened, I would assume it was only one of the above: a high flying small plane, or a remote controlled plane. I wouldn't have thought much about it at all. But what it did next was very strange. I noted that it was flying lazy circles, like a bird, but a very rigid flight. That's why I could observe it for so long.

Suddenly, the object "took off" shooting toward the northwest in a straight line. It disappeared from sight well down the road to the highway, OH route 66. It went very fast, gone in a second, and again, it was a perfectly straight flight path. Not the swooping movement of a bird. It shot off, like a gun fired it. It did not descend or make any bird-like movements. No noise, and it went too far for it to be a remote controlled toy. It astounded me. I don't claim that it's a UFO, but well, I can't explain it away, and it did not act anything like I expected it. It flew very fast and did not deviate from the direct line. My wife did not observe this part of it, and in fact focused on another object that was a bird, so she had stopped observing my object a few minutes before'.

Report 2

Summary : While visiting relatives in Puerto Rico in December, we witnessed a UFO in Puerto Nuevo, PR.

I have been searching all over the Internet for information on "cross-shaped" UFOs. Sadly, my search has come up empty. I seriously hope you can help. I don't know where to report this or what resources to use. It was December 31, 1997, the time was between 9:05pm and 9:10pm. We were heading westward on Rt22 Express De Diego and at the end of Avenida de Diego we witnessed a cross-shaped UFO (called an OVNI in PR).

I noticed it initially and at first thought it a large jet at extremely low altitude. Unlike a jumbo jet, there was no engine noise and its position in the sky didn't change. It was hovering over what I could see in the dark was a large parking lot full of what appeared to be delivery vans. It was roughly cross-shaped with white lights at all 4 ends of the cross shape.

These white lights were steady and did not blink. There appeared to be something in the center of the underside, however I cannot remember too much detail. My Fiancee said it was concave shaped in the middle, curving inwards.

Also, off-center of the underside was a flashing red light, which at first led me to believe that it was a plane. If it was a plane, it was motionless. I considered it a helicopter, but it was twice as large as the building it was over. I've seen Sikorsky Skycrane helos before, and this wasn't one of them. Besides, the make a terrible racket in low hover. We had stopped our van, and all five of us watched in awe...not quite believing what it could be.

I am the type who is open minded but still requires proof. We returned to the salida (exit) where we saw the OVNI (UFO) the following day. We then observed that there were powerlines where we saw the OVNI hovering. The industrial park where we witnessed the OVNI, there are many high-tension wires.

Not being a UFO-ologist, I have a few questions: are UFOs commonly seen near powerlines? Why? I would like very much to ask an expert if this type of UFO (cross-shaped) is common. When I usually think of UFOs, I think a saucer-shaped type craft. This was the strangest thing I've ever seen, and the 4 other people present in the vehicle.

All of the witnesses were college-educated and despite the date, New Year's eve, no one had been drinking. I would appreciate some resources to come forward and let me know where I may find (preferably on the web, otherwise in book-form) further information on this cross-shaped UFO, and if its type has ever been spotted before, whether in Puerto Rico or elsewhere. Thank you

Report 3

The objects where T shaped, and travelled north, moved up/down every 10 seconds or so. I had just been walking back from the shop when I noticed 2 T shape objects in the sky. They moved swiftly and Rapidly through the sky. It had a strange Mist or fog around it a gas it seemed to make the T shape "Frizzle" in and out of reality it could not of been meteors or anything of the sort the T's changed direction every 10 seconds or so the T's travelled North Whereas I faced south the T's sped toward me it was so fast they went over the top of me at a height of about 50ft other people around me seemed to notice this happening but said nothing the objects carried on traveling North I turned to view it but they had gone the amazmening things that happend on the 31st of October could not of been ordianary. After the incident a tail of what can only be described as floating water was left like a Slugs trail